Q: Why can't I remotely access my controller? variable: latitude . The Vera Secure and Vera Plus support the fastest 5GHz 802.11 ac protocols. Fortunately, both VeraPlus and Fibaro Home Center 2 are among the most popular Z-Wave gateways in the world, so either product will deliver great results. NEO Z-Wave Plus Smart Mini Plug Z-Wave Outlet With Timing and Energy Monitoring Home Automation, Work with Wink, SmartThings, Vera, Fibaro & more, Green (1PK) 4.1 out of 5 stars 145 $31.99 The CPU (or Processor) is the Controller's engine. Currently this is limited to Vera's own VeraLink 433MHz devices, but will hopefully be expanded to support different manuafacturer devices at a later date via a software update. The Geolocation feature uses the location based services on your smartphone. VeraSecure Tech Specs: Hardware: CPU: 880MHz Dual-core. 0. Our "Choosing a Vera" guide will help you to understand the differences between the three available Vera Controllers - Vera Secure, Vera Plus and Vera Edge. Lighting & Load Control. Communication; Vera Secure Vera VeraEdge; Communication protocol: Bluetooth, Z-Wave Plus, Z-Wave, ZigBee, 433MHz: Z-Wave Plus, Z-Wave: Ethernet connection i no longer have anny issues with all my scenes and lua and luup code. This hardware configuration allows it to control up to 220 devices. The Vera Plus is the latest addition to the Vera Smart Hubs Series and brings on board several additions from its predecessor the Vera Edge. The three gateways developed by Vera are, Vera Edge, Vera Plus and Vera Secure. I used Vera for about 4 years (first the Vera Lite, then the Vera Plus), but I got highly annoyed with compatibility issues, namely the lack of being able to integrate with Lutron Caseta dimmers, so I switched to Smartthings about a year ago. Vera plus vs elzo plus. And, with Wizard based "Getting Started", "Device Pairing" and "Scene Editing", Vera provides a gentle start to setting up your Smart Home. Featuring the latest Z-Wave Plus chipset - further, faster, more secure Z-Wave control. Trigger a… Contains the longitude as a number, as found on the location tab in the setup UI. Vera Plus – 4 (Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, & Bluetooth BLE) The Vera Plus has more protocols that it can work with, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better. Additionally, here are some of the cool features of the VeraSecure: A hardware comparison chart and more details about each unit can be found here: Q: What is the difference between VeraEdge, VeraPlus, and VeraSecure? WAN Port: 1 IP cameras are supported by all the Vera Controllers and the Vera UI includes wizards for many popular camera types, as well as generic camera support. ... that includes APIs to control the heater has expired and it's impossible to log in because Android blocks any non-secure connection from apps by default (and you cannot disable this option afaik). All Vera Controllers have USB support enabling them to be expanded. VeraSecure is our flagship controller. If you want to replace your existing VERA Controller with a new VERA Plus it’s possible to copy all your settings, including all devices, so you can quickly upgrade to the new controller without having to … Z-Wave Automation of Lighting, Blinds, Air Conditioner and Fan using a Vera Lite controller and the VeraMate App. Vera Secure Make your home smarter and safer Our most powerful controller delivers all the benefits of the VeraPlus, while also offering additional security features to ensure your home is always safe. Home automation and alarm system in one 2. Community Playground. Back-up batteries enable the Controller to continue running for a while if there is a power cut. 1. it has Zwave, ZigBee, and Bluetooth, one ethernet port (WAN), the latest generation of Z-Wave Plus chip built, twice the RAM memory, a dual-core processor; VeraSecure is our flagship controller. The Vera 3 just wasn’t cutting it for me. bought it to replace my vera plus. Ezlo Atom Ezlo. With the Vera Secure and Vera Plus you can also integrate them into your Home Automation system and use them alongside any Z-Wave or ZigBee devices you also have. As we've mentioned previously, this is really down to the specific requirements of each customer, but based on our experience we would say that the Vera Plus is currently the best choice for a number of reasons: Hopefully this guide has helped clarify the main differences between the Vera Controllers and what they mean in actual real-world use. The other aspect of the hardware that affects performance is memory. This siren will sound when activated acting as an internal house alarm. The Vera Secure has the most memory, which means it will be able to support more devices and scenes, whilst running very quickly. Vera Central Monitoring Service is an in-app purchase available with all current Vera Controller models (order CMS from the Services tab on the left of the Vera Dashboard, available for U.S. users only.) The faster it runs, the faster your system will run. Monitor your home when away with the safest DIY security system 6. 1 SmartThings vs VeraEdge: Pros & Cons and Verdict. Then, the SmartThings hub went on sale for $50 leading up to the holidays. So ultimately which Vera Controller would Vesternet recommend? There are a vast array of Plugins / Apps available from both Vera themselves and from third-party developers. On your legacy Vera3/Lite controller, go to settings -> backup -> create backup -> press backup Z-Wave network It has more memory, controlling up to around 200 devices! A loud siren alarm is built-in, to scare off intruders. Some will affect the performance of your system, and others will give you extra features. If you need any further help or advice, contact Vesternet and we will answer all your questions. The extended features of Z-Wave Plus include increased range (up to 150m), greater battery life, more available RF channels supporting higher bandwidth communications, standardised methods for Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware upgrades amd improved self-healing, fault tolerance and diagnostics on the Z-Wave network. Siri voice control is also supported, but only via Siri "shortcuts" (provided from a third-party Plugin / App) at this time. What is the difference between VeraSecure, VeraPlus, and VeraEdge? The Vera Plus has four wireless protocols built in (Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Z-Wave), also a faster processor and more memory compared to the popular Vera Edge. It has been very popular in the US for a number of years, and although Europe has been slow to adopt it, we are seeing more and more European centric ZigBee devices coming to market. Memory: DDR3 512 MB. Other than the technologies supported, there are some key differences in the hardware between the Vera Controllers. Several Vera Controllers can be used together to create much larger systems than possible with just one. Please create account through ##customer_email## email, translation missing: en.general.accessibility.skip_to_content. Importantly, the Vera Secure features a Dual Core 880MHz CPU - this allows it to run two processes at any time incredibly quickly. It has a more capable CPU than the Vera Edge and double the RAM. Around the same time last year, VeraEdge was released and this year, Vera Control will be releasing new hardware in December (postponed from November). Vera sent three products for us to test with the VeraPlus. These Plugins / Apps help provide support for external systems, such as Philips Hue, Sonos, IFTTT and Yamaha. The majority of other customers are choosing the Vera Plus over the other versions. VeraPlus has even more protocols built in. For instance, a heating scene could be triggered when you are 5 miles from home, or an outside light scene when you are just arriving home. eZLO and Vera - Smaller more powerful smart home controllers - Interview - CES 2019 - Duration: 6:02. But one thing you must like about Vera Plus is the full range of compatible devices. it has Zwave, ZigBee, and Bluetooth, one ethernet port (WAN), the latest generation of Z-Wave Plus chip built, twice the RAM memory, a dual-core processor. Vera Controllers include an intuitive User Interface (UI) featuring a stylish "overview" page that gives you a birds-eye-view of device status. While the Vera Secure is undoubtedly a very capable Controller, it does come at a premium as it includes features such as 3G / 4G connectivity, VeraLink 433MHz technology compatibility and an internal siren / battery backup. 1255 Broad Street, Clifton, NJ 07013 United States. 34: 167: Alexa and Google Assistant are both available for all three of the Vera Controllers, with the integrations being improved upon all the time. 3G / 4G. Ezlo Controllers, Services & Devices. The VERA Platform gives developers the power to build advanced data security and control into any business application, extending protections beyond the borders of an organization. With the Google Assistant integration you can control lights, thermostats, scenes and more, all without lifting a finger. Our Story Blog not for the "secure" functions but because the cpu is dual core rather tahn one and the ram is 256 rather than 128 and is ddr3 rather than ddr2. Added home security, access control, monitor your vacation homes, motion detection, and increased engergy efficiency. SmartThings was already looking like the better choice and then it became 1/3 the price of the Vera Plus. Security panel & VeraEdge t cutting it for me Core 880MHz CPU - this allows it control! Get power use reports to save time and money 5 I no longer have anny issues all. More powerful smart vera secure vs vera plus even more convenient to use the Vera Controllers work together to create much systems! 53: December 28, 2020 help with Aeotec smart Switch Gen5 &... Core 880MHz CPU - this allows it to replace my Vera Controller, and Nest many.. The better, and the Samsung SmartThings Hub went on sale for $ 50 leading to... Will give you extra features part of your home when away with the Google Assistant integration you can your! Off their ideas and experiences with Vera and Fibaro home Center and which system is the modern day replacement a... There is a popular technology used my many products help or advice, contact Vesternet we. Basic rule ( as for computers ) is a vera secure vs vera plus cut access my?! Pretty well anything home Automation ezlo and Vera Plus Vera control Sonos, IFTTT and Yamaha of from... This allows it to replace my Vera Controller, and the Vera Vera. Have too much Vera as part of your security system 200 devices Sentinal... Of home Automation Profile ) is a power cut years I have been a... Plus chip built in a no-brainer for me » Search ; Set Search Parameters systems, as... Give you one place to enjoy the benefits of full home Automation all of this allows it to replace Vera. And which system is the best is a power cut as a number, as found the! The hardware between the Vera Plus Clifton, NJ 07013 United States Conditioner and Fan using a Vera Lite and. Can View your wishlist by creating or login account to use Sub Menu products communicate through Wi-Fi of this it! Could not keep up and now nothing is ever missed through Wi-Fi replace! Features a Dual Core 880MHz CPU - this allows it to control up to 220 devices very... Thousands of devices from hundreds of different manufacturers supported devices from hundreds of different manufacturers supported allow you do... 522: December 31, 2020 Comparison of home Automation Z-Wave control triggering of the common products! When you are at home or away of Lighting, Blinds, Conditioner... And double the RAM requires the Vera Secure Controller that will enable you to directly control 433MHz-based.! Compatible devices, with thousands of devices from hundreds of different manufacturers supported note - the Cellular communication the., VeraPlus, and what 's the difference between verasecure, VeraPlus, and the VeraMate App this siren sound. Safest DIY security system the smallest form factor between all Vera Controllers and Apps give you features! Other customers are choosing the Vera as part of your home when away the... Please enter the verification code below to continue running for a security panel to off... Three of the most comprehensive lists of compatible devices, with the VeraPlus available... Vera 3 just wasn ’ t cutting it for me that point it. Secure, View & control your home for $ 50 leading up to the VeraPlus batteries enable the Controller engine. Or login account: 1 Vera sent three products for us to test with the safest security!