Calculate the ground speed. Boom sprayer calibration tool. /L 23001 Ferrell, UW Cooperative Extension Pesticide Coordinator 1/128 Method of Calibration Calibrating Multiple Nozzle Boom-type Sprayers Because a gallon = 128 ounces and the test area to be sprayed is 1/128th of an acre, ounces col-lected = gallons per acre. /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] !��LBi}�� �}�x�{�H��aq�A��Y�Ӌ�� s7J�ѩ�} .6l���ܲ8�%͒� �*Y�:/����(յ�5���7�>���d)�Sy?S�`���!�=���\ ��J�����N���@��|�?v The spray solution emerges from the nozzle in a thin sheet, and droplets form at the edge of the sheet. The first thing we are going to do is determine our spacing on our boom sprayer, the nozzle spacing. It is the speed / output / swath of the sprayer that when calculated will give you the spray volume, then it is a question of following the rest of the spread sheet calibration process to calculate how much water / product you need for the job! The Boom Sprayer Calibration Spreadsheet was designed to ease the mathematical burden of boom sprayer calibration. PestPro Power 4 Product Page. This article will discuss 6 steps to calibrate and optimize sprayer output. H��V�N�@}���Go�,ދoB*!ETEjE*�>,�&X�8�M[���Y;p�5��xgvw�9�k8����ó����d�}/�!}2! A sprayer has a 300 gallon tank, and it has been calibrated to apply 15 gallons per acre. h��Vmk9�+��r��^�'i�$��@��&�s��ۣ����v㼔���}9���g��Z�D�N����G� L�е�L"�SB�d�h�)i(Fh�f��� Thoroughly clean the spray rig. Use any of the calculators by inputting the known figures you have, from your sprayer calibration or Nozzle information charts, for example, and the calculator will work out what settings need to be changed or adjusted to give you the required output for accurate application. 2. /P 0 trailer /CropBox [0 0 612 792] Walking speed (km/hr) – calculated by dividing 360 by the time it takes in seconds for the operator to spray over a distance of 100 metres i.e. This fact sheet describes the steps for calibrating manual (backpack and hand can) sprayers. Three variables affect sprayer output: (1) nozzle flow rate, (2) ground speed of the sprayer, and (3) width sprayed per nozzle. H��V]k�0}7�?�Gi,�%˲=J�vc��6}�h��A>�:M��}��B��P�,��. I lwe declare that this is a true and accurate calibration record Did not use Operator Graeme Forsyth Accreditation No Expiry Date Signature ted Copy Onty) 11 Version No: 1 Delete Date: 24/06/11 08.06/7/0209 Send . Output varies with: • The speed of application • The equipment (e.g., nozzle type and pressure) • The width of application . /T 22718 Calibration Procedure Spray Rig Preparation 1. All sprayers, including hand held, back pack, and boom sprayers should be calibrated several times during the growing season or whenever you change chemicals. You must know this if you wish to apply an herbicide at a specific dosage, which is described as an amount of product per given area (ex. Calibrating Backpack Sprayers . :�u�%���q�-���( }J� �ϼTP�8�y�8����G 81�őĢ�Uk�(0�g6����)�~����9zN�@���)n��C7���M � � �(��$���C)�)�P�qQR�^.r�R�PPi!T/T0BZ�D���+�Ƙ�#zńC�s!�W,jXm���}(�T����@v_n�����8�IE�+�?���K�\(�"e/b0^e"Lއ�ܢ�>RvnRm�n�&�F��'?��4���o/Y�!��l�s��qNjfd��^����:�Ӻ�O�0�v+̛h���pe]�ض�}��~���-�zk�Q[c՞Z%M��,�ꈩ���d�� �[�X5��d{��f���X�؜f�߲������߸D��#�;_�|8����r���� �v�UB?�B�{�ѷb�xM�=���!�ܺ�X�;zt�]O�$К˄����%�"XDk����H=�������z����s���?�4�$i�fh :�,���r��L��������M(?t��[���}�ƺ�1��Sˡ���#}���O �Wy endstream endobj 732 0 obj <>stream Print this fact sheet. Calculating how much pesticide to add to the spray tank Set-Up During sprayer set-up check that the sprayer nozzles, Notes: Sprayer calibration bottles or kits are available from a number of suppliers. /Parent 6 0 R These services include calibration of instruments combined with a pick-up and drop-off service. (/*Q�a�� &"R�. Record all information on back of this sheet. Nozzle output . Your sprayer is calibrated to 30 GPA and you plan on using 300 gallons of solution. /Outlines 4 0 R 0000000664 00000 n You must know this if you wish to apply an herbicide at a specific dosage, which is described as an amount of product per given area (ex. Ayers and B. Bosley 1 (1/05) Quick Facts… Inaccurate pesticide application rates, spray patterns and droplet size can lead to the movement of pesticides from the targeted area and reduce pesticide effectiveness. xref Why do we calibrate sprayers? Check for signs of rust, leaks or other problems. Application Rate. /Size 25 Calibration formulas. Park the sprayer, maintain the engine RPM used to drive the course, and turn on the sprayer. %PDF-1.5 %���� Calibration of large boom sprayers for field crops, and small, tractor-driven sprayers for forestry and turf sprayers are discussed in two separate Ohio State University Extension fact sheets (FABE-520 and FABE 529, respectively). 1. ��msk��F�T�M[���9���]]�T�����qf�M��ōJ���ۯn_���V��(/�f׸��PZ�LT�#� ��g� endstream endobj 731 0 obj <>stream 0 0000019201 00000 n Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension Work, Acts of May 8 and June Reply: There is a spreadsheet that you can use in the article to get to the sprayer spray volume. This fact sheet covers calibrating a backpack sprayer to deter-mine how much herbicide to add for band applications and spot treatments. Formula 10a Sprayer Calibration Worksheet Compiled by Dan Marzu, Agriculture Extension Educator Lincoln and Langlade Counties Checking Speed To check speed, mark two points from 200 to 800 feet apart. Calcula… 726 0 obj <> endobj 743 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<875F80FD489FE14098766B90AFE01DEE><6FCAE852D4AE48C0BB951809E1CF5074>]/Index[726 33]/Info 725 0 R/Length 93/Prev 720856/Root 727 0 R/Size 759/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream /ProcSet [/PDF /Text] << India is a large country sustaining on its agriculture over 600 million people or about one seventh of the world’s entire human population. /Length 128 0000004849 00000 n If the spray tank is not large enough to cover an area 100 m 2, use the following calibration procedure: Measure the amount of water needed to fill the sprayer. ounces per acre). Boom Sprayer Calibration 3 Your Resource for Safer Fields • Brought to you by the Sports Turf Managers Association and its charitable Foundation, The SAFE Foundation • ph.